Recently read this somewhere and initially found it strange but later it started sinking in.

"Strange though it may sound, even if light didn't exist there would still be the speed of light and it would still have the same value. The speed of light is part of the geometry of space-time and the fact that light travels at "the speed of light" is almost a cosmic afterthought. Gravity and the so-called "strong force" also travel at that speed."

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Mixed Bag

I have been neglecting my online life for quite some time now. Just being plain lazy.

I have recently registered on StumbleUpon service and has installed its toolbar and i would admit that my internet experience has really been enriched , stumbling upon some good sites. I would encourage people to try it.

Here is my profile on StumbleUpon:

Will like to share few interesting stuff.

Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong :)

Also I would like to share few good sites I stumbled upon

And at last , a beautiful poem i read recently by Faiz Ahmed फैज़

Thanks to Neha for putting it on her blog from where I read it.

तेरी समुन्दर आँखों मे

ये धूप किनारा शाम ढले
मिलते हैं दोंनो वक्त जहाँ

जो रात न दिन, जो आज न कल
पल भर में अमर, पल भर में धुंआँ

इस धूप किनारे, पल दो पल
होठों की लपक, बाँहों की खनक
ये मेल हमारा झूठ न सच
क्यों रार करें, क्यों दोष धरें
किस कारण झूठी बात करें

जब तेरी समन्दर आँखों में
इस शाम का सूरज डूबेगा
सुख सोयेंगे घर-दर वाले
और राही अपनी राह लेगा।

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Actions,Actions and No Talking

I feel pleased to hear that Shivraj Patil has resigned (forcefully or voluntarily). Vilasrao Deshmukh is next.

I don't have my anger against these two politicians, but ownership of what has been done has to be taken, no more blame games.

Now what we need are actions.

This time it will not be the case of "suffered and forgot".

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My FOSSIL watch

In this country of consumerism, i too have become a consumerist.

On Black Friday, i got myself a FOSSIL watch. I will be wearing a watch after a gap of 3 years.

Here are some macro shots of my watch.

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World's Fastest Indian

World's Fastest Indian is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It's a masterpiece played by Anthony Hopkins.

Based on a true story about Burt Munroe from New Zealand.

One of the best inspiring movie you can watch. Dont have words to explain it.

Go and see yourself.

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Pardada Pardadi School

It's a long time i have written about anything socially relevant on my blog .

I have been following the blog "Our Delhi Struggle" . They are two New Yorkers that have moved to Delhi and its about their experiences here. Its amusing,thoughtful.

They are also part of few rural initiatives in Uttar Pradesh .

Two such initiatives are:

Pardada Pardadi School in BulandShehr for girl education and vocational training.

Other one is "Rags-to-Pads" initiative that deals with a very basic sanitary need for women - sanitary pads.

Many women in rural India use rags instead of pads during their cycles. This initiative is about setting up a low cost sanitary pad making business to help in better sanitation and raising employment.

They recently raised a fund of $5000 and i am sad that i did not contributed to it. Next time for sure.

Please publicize this and spread the word. We should really appreciate true efforts.

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Donate Your PC

My college friends in India has come up with this great idea of providing a platform to people who wish to donate their PC. (DYPC) is the site launched by these four guys.

It's still in its beta phase and right now you will have to send an email to the web address provided on the site.

Your PC will be donated to an NGO for further use. You will get the receipt for donation.

I wish this endeavor of them reaches new scales. All the best to you guys and congrats for initiating something like this.

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Found this on YouTube ... funny

DISCLAIMER : This song is no way related to me :)

Single Girls,Single Girls

AND this too :)

12 Days of Christmas


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My Day Trip To San Francisco Downtown

I recently got my DSLR camera Canon Kiss F aka EOS 1000D .

So I decided to visit the San Francisco downtown alone with my camera to try out my hand in photography.

Below is the link to the first set of images shot by me with my DSLR. I will be uploading new sets as and when convenient to me and will keep the readers updated.

Here is the link to my public gallery

You can add me as favorite in your Picasa account.

My Flickr user name is priyanshujiit. I will keep updating my Flickr account too with new photographs.

Thanks for watching :)

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Ever saw a photograph and wondered what is it of? I always wanted something on the internet which would do a reverse look up as compared to Google Images. Give it a photograph and it would tell you in words what is it of.

Finally here is a image search engine like this

This is a beta release and have very small fraction of images indexed so far on the internet.

I tried it with few pics of birds but no result found, i guess it is still gearing up. But nonetheless , this is really a useful search engine.

On other updates, i am experimenting with new browsers on the web.

I am using FF3 as my primary browser for surfing all my https sites. On the other side , i was browsing on Chrome, it is good but I felt tabs are slow in rendering as compared to FF3.

I was also using Digsby as my IM client. It integrates your facebook,twitter and linkedin accounts as well apart from gtalk and yahoo messenger accounts and email accounts.

It is good, but I found it annoying when i need to share files, it does not give me option to transfer files with gtalk users, only with yahoo users :( .

So i installed Pidgin, another lightweight (no frills) IM client. So far i am happy with Pidgin.

Now i wanted something to integrate my social network accounts as well as other n/ws, so i finally installed Flock, given it is based on FF3, i don't mind giving it a try.
I must say, the startup time has improved significantly since last time i used Flock ver1. I am using Flock2.0 beta right now.

And since I don't wanted too many browsers on my m/c , I uninstalled Chrome.

On the other side, i used the new faeture in Blogger to follow my fav blogs, it gave me an option to import the blogs from my Google Reader account, i did that and viola now i have duplicate feeds for each blog I chose to follow in my reader account (wtf).
Anyways , those who have added the following gadget in your blogs would see my pictureless icon on your followers list.

So here i am sitting confused with all this technical stuff.

i am also thinking of changing my theme on my blog, but i am frightened from the consequences of investing a lot of time regaining my customizations and widgets. Can anybody tell me an easier way to change my blog theme without losing my widgets or investing too much time to regain them?

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A wonderful shot

1006wallpaper-1_1280.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280x960 pixels) - Scaled (57%)

View the full image by clicking on the above link, here the image is appearing clipped

Found this pic in Digg. This is simply awesome.

Check this photography contest at

Photography is really a skill :-) ... i have realized it soon after buying my DSLR.

Also see this link:

and Earth from Above Exhibit
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Bell Bajao - Ring the Bell

Recently came across the "Bell Bajao" campaign by the international human rights organisation Breakthrough. They in the past have carried many campaigns like Mann ke manjeere and what kind of a man are you?

Bell Bajao campaign is against Domestic violence in India and urges men to protest against it.
They want men to take action against domestic violence in their neighbourhood.

Please visit the site

Here I would like to mention another social campaign being carried out through Internet, i have mentioned it before also. It is against sexual harassment in India
Project Blank Noise

See the ads on the Bell Bajao campaign below.

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Nothing much going on this part of the world, at least not which excites me!!!!

I have changed the title of my blog. Well I was thinking of changing it since a long time but never found a good one.
This is also not too apt but better than previous one.
It does not mean that my blog is a serendipity for anyone surfing through universe of blogs ( come on, i don't write that well).
What triggered this change is that I just now finished watching Serendipity, the movie and really liked it ... it is sweet and romantic.
Moreover, i like this word a lot for its long and feel-good meaning.

Btw, in the morning saw the movie "Thoda Roomani Ho Jaayein", thanks to Bipin for sharing the files.
I really enjoyed the movie and found it second one which has used "Kaafiya" in dialogues, first movie being "Khoobsurat" starring Rekha
Does anyone know of any other movie which has used "Kaafiya" ?

Here is a qoute I found on wikipedia about Serendipity :-)
"Serendipity is looking in a haystack for a needle and discovering a farmer's daughter."
----- Pek van Andel
My friends Praveen and Asty have changed their blog themes.

Let me show you the theme I really like - it is designed by the author of the blog herself . I love the neatness in the theme
Here it is :

Reading the blog won't hurt too. Do read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, it is innovative and funny.

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थोड़ा रूमानी हो जायें

जगजीत सिंह कि गज़लों के कुछ अंश लिख रहा हूँ ।

नहीं मिलते हो तुम मुझ से तो सब हमदर्द हैं मेरे ,
ज़माना मुझ से जल जाए अगर तुम मिलने आ जाओ ।

वो याद आए तो दिल तर्रनुम हो ,
दीद हो जाए तो फिर नज़र महके ।

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Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions have always baffled me. How easy it is too fool the finest machine in the universe (the brain).

Here is a picture which offers an optical illusion.

And also see this illusion, it is amazing.

The dancer appears to move both clockwise as well as anticlock wise ... it is really superb ... it will take time for you to notice both movements. Try looking at the picture for some time , then look at something else and then revisit the picture you might see her moving in different direction.

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2nd Anniversary

First things first ...
Happy Birthday to me !!!!

Second thing second ...

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my blog !!!

I just realized that today is also the 2nd anniversary for my blog. So just wanted to post something to carry on the tradition :-)

If I have to present my state of mind right now .... here it

आज फिर दिल है कुछ उदास उदास ,
देखिये आज फिर याद आए कौन ।

Sitting so far from home ...missing things which i never felt. were important back in India.

This is life dude :-)

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बिनाका गीत माला

विश्व मकड़ जाल पर कुछ ख़ूबसूरत नगमें मिले , सोचा इन को यहाँ डाला जाए

देव आनंद एक उम्दा चरित्रकार थे , जब तक उन्होंने अपनी गर्दन हिलानी शरु नहीं करी थी :-)

यह गीत उन्ही कि फिल्मों से है | मेरा पसंदीदा गीत है " अभी न जाओ छोड़ कर , के दिल अभी भरा नहीं " ।

मुझे देव आनंद "हम दोंनो" फ़िल्म मैं काफ़ी स्मार्ट लग्गे थे । और साधना जी का तो क्या कहना , उन का बालों का अंदाज़ तो दिल फ़ेंक था ।

पर मधुबाला जी कि टक्कर कोई नही कर सकता , माधुरी दीक्षित भी नहीं :-)

चलिए आप गीतों का लुत्फ़ ले , हाँ अगर गीत सुनते समय चाय का प्याला हाथ मैं हो तो फिर आप जन्न्त मैं हैं

मैंने हरिवंश राय बच्चन कि मधुबाला पढ़ ली है । एक कविता का अंश पेश है ।

इस पार प्रिय ,मधु है तुम हो
उस पार ना जाने क्या होगा
यह चाँद उदित हो कर नभ में
कुछ ताप मिटाता जीवन का ,
लहरा लहरा यह शाखायें
कुछ शोक भुला देती मन का
कल मुरझाने वाली कलियाँ ,
हंस कर कहती हैं , मग्न रहो |
बुलबुल तरु की फुनगी पर से ,
संदेश सुनाती योवन का |
तुम दे कर मदिरा के प्याले ,
मेरा मन बहला देती हो |
उस पार मुझे बहलाने का ,
उपचार ना जाने क्या होगा |
इस पार प्रिय ,मधु है तुम हो
उस पार ना जाने क्या होगा

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Old is Gold

Got hold of these pics ofIndia shot a century ago.
I have kinda started enjoying the pics from yester years , i look for the sorroundings , the tidyness of the place around ... and I feel those were good old days to live in.
I wonder what we have missed in our generation, now digitsl media is so ubiquitas, i dont think if someone see the snaps of today a century later, he will feel nostalgic is that rarity that causes the desire to own it.
I also wonder what the next generation will miss. Will it be:

  1. Food served on a broad leaf and to be eaten while sitting on the floor?
  2. sleeping under the open sky in villages?
  3. exploring things rather then watching them on television?
  4. drinking water of a well ?
  5. flying kites?

To add to that global warming is a scary thing . Lets see where we are heading.

Here is the link :

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Ok , this is my command prompt of my newly installed ubuntu 8.04 OS.

My computer name is nirvana and user name is moksha :-)

The user message you will get at login screen is

To err is human, to really foul up things you need root password

It has been a week and i am loving Hardy Heron, there are couple of glitches still though, like my wireless internet connection is not working, though wired connection is working. Doing RnD on my wireless n/w card.

One question to the readers, if any one can throw some light on that.
The hindi fonts on Ubuntu are not so polished as were in windows (or is it to do between FF and IE)? Any suggestion how to improve them.

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I have recently registered on

It is a great site to play online chess (and only chess) . The registered users here are huge, as a result the game database available is immense.

The ratings are done using ELO system. Its almost like playing professionally.
The best part is that the time given per move is 3 days. So people with jobs can also play the games at leisure.

I am adding to my blog the daily chess puzzle published by gameknot.

Hope you will like it.

If anyone of my reader joins the site and wants to play a game with me, my gameknot user id is iubuntu.

You can search for a user on the site and challenge him to a game.

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Inspiring Ads

I found these ads on youtube.

The first one is inspiring.

The second one is funny and an eye opener to all parents

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यह मौसम का जादू है मितवा

पिछले कुछ महीनों से मैंने इस ब्लॉग पर कुछ लिखा नहीं , मेरा मतलब है कुछ व्यागतिगत
और हिन्दी में तो बिल्कुल नहीं लिखा

पिछला हफ्ता काफ़ी मसरूफ रहाअब भी हालात कुछ अच्छे नहीं हैं , पर आज मौसम से जादू कर दिया

यहाँ charlotte ( संधि विछेद करें तो बनता है चार लोटे) में गर्मी शुरू हो गई है , दिन भर तापमान - १०० डिग्रीफारेनहाइट रहता है , आज शाम अचानक बादल घुमड़ आए और इस समय काफ़ी तेज बरसात हो रही हैऐसे ही मौसम ने मुझे प्रेरित किया की मैं काम छोड़ कर बाहर बालकनी मैं बैठ कर मौसम का आनंद लूँ , ऐसे सुहाना मौसम कम ही देखने को मिलता है , तो जनाब आलम यह है की मैं अभी बालकनी मैं हूँ , ब्लॉग लिख रहा हूँ और रोमांटिक गाने सुन रहा हूँ - "जब कोई बात बिगड़ जाए ... , कुछ तुम सोचो कुछ हम सोचें ... , कहना है - आजतुमसे ..." इत्यादी

मेरे कुछ दोस्त हिन्दी में ब्लॉग लिख रहे तो मैंने सोचा चलो हम भी थोड़ा रूमानी हो जाएँ
अरे याद आया मैं यह फ़िल्म ( आओ थोड़ा रूमानी हो जाएँ) भी ढूँढ रहा हूँ इंटरनेट पर , यह भी तो बारिश पर ही थी ना

मैंने यह गौर किया है की मेरा मूड मौसम से भी प्रभावित होता है ( नयी बात नहीं है , सबका होता है) । जब मैंने देहरादून छोडा और नॉएडा आया कॉलेज में, तो मौसम से बहुत निराश हुआ , उस मौसम की आदत नहीं थी , फिर एक दिन मेरे दिन फिरे और मुझे वैसा मौसम देखने को मिला जैसे देहरादून में अक्सर होता था , घंने बादल , ठंडी हवा पर बारिश नहीं , ऐसा मौसम हम दोस्तों के बीच " डडू वाला मौसम " के नाम से जाना गयाउस दिन मैंने कॉलेज में पढ़ाई नहीं करी , बस बाहर ही घूमता रहा

इन दिनों मैं हरिवंश राय बच्चन की मधुबाला, ना कि मधुशाला (बहुत लोगों को नहीं पता पर मधुबाला भी इन की एक रचना है) पढ़ रहा हूँ , पर मम्मी चिंता मत करो मैंने पीनी शुरू नहीं करी

बस यही ताज़ा ख़बर है दुनिया के इस कोने से , आगे और लिखूंगा अगर कुछ बताने लायक हुआ (अब यह मत कहना बताने लायक तो यह भी नहीं था)

तो जी मैं चला चाय के एक अदद प्याले की तलाश में (मेरे लिए तो यह ही मय के बराबर है )

अब मुझे नहीं पता अदद शब्द का अर्थ क्या है पर काफ़ी बार सुना है और यहाँ पर उपयोग करना उचित लगा

और इंटरनेट पर अदद शब्द का अर्थ ढूढने पर नहीं मिला पर यह शैर ज़रूर मिला

तुम काली हो ये फरीश्तों कि भूल है।
वो तिल लगा रहे थे कि स्याही बिख़र गयी।

शरद जोशी की एक कविता बहुत पसंद आई मुझे , शीर्षक है हिरोइन नहा रही है
इंटरनेट एक्सप्लोरर पर देखे , फायरफॉक्स पर शायद खुले
इनका बहुत बड़ा पंखा हूँ, इनकी अन्ये रचनायें भी देखियेगा

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I am loving it, a cool idea implemented is an unofficial Google search engine on command line ... no GUI.

You can type search strings on cmd line and it will give you results .

Give it a shot.

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Amazing flash animation

I came through this link . It shows 9 amazing flash animation. All are cool.

My fav is number 9

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The science lover in Me

Since my childhood i have always been fascinated towards science. Sci-Fi is my favourite category of books and i always prefer reading a scientific article over any other piece of news.

My roommates call me a veteran doctor as I love watching animal documanteries.

I have always had few questions in my curious mind that i never got a platform to ask, I agree this is not a appropriate platform , but just in case someone hears my SOS.

Here is what the scientist in me ponders at:

In some sense I feel humans are unlucky -

1. We have only one moon to see ? Well this i know why

For the below questions i'll be grateful if someone provides me answers.

2. Why is there only a single species of homo sapiens left on earth? One of the most strangest thing I find is that only same species can reproduce naturally.

3. What property of oxygen makes it the only element be a life giver?

4. The age of the universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion years. It means that the farthest light we have ever seen has come from objects that far. What if there are still parts of universe from where light still hasn't reached us. In case in future, if light from such areas reaches us, will we have to revise the age of universe?

5. How is the speed of light an exact number? Where as many constants in physics are approximated.

speed of light = sqrt(magnetic constant*electric constant)

The exact values of these constants are known which makes speed of light a exact number.

6. What makes the absolute zero temperature the lowest achievable temperature? What happens to the substance at absolute zero?

7. How is matter just being created from nowhere,universe is ever expanding, is there so much energy still left in universe which is getting converted to matter?

I will leave my list of questions here. Hoping that some one might throw some light on these.

A trivia: A voting was conducted to choose two most important mathematical equations. Top two finalists were:

1. Pythagoras Theoram :
a^2 + b^2 = c^2\,

2. Equation of relativity : E = mc2

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Interesting Pics by Google Earth

One of the favorite past time of Google Earth users is to find interesting pictures of the earth.

This article displays some of the interesting pictures captured by G.E, take a look,134186-page,1-c,mapping/article.html

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Hello World Program in 366 programming languages

Saw this post in Digg.

Hello World program in 366 programming languages and 58 linguistic languages of the world.

This is amazing ...

My favorite program is in language BIT, search for it and see yourself.

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Gmail is not opening in IE7

On my IE7, Gmail is not opening and IE shows following error. Any clue?

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On Songs and Sitcoms

OK , first things first ...

This is a Malayalam song. I wish I would have learned "
kaam-chalao" malayalam from my roommate in Bangalore, nevertheless this video, as told by my another mallu friend here, is from a new music band and they have come up with an excellent composition

I loved the video, the girl,music and the lyrics.

Few more things i am doing currently... I am watching episodes of

1. Byomkesh Bakhshi :

This was a fictional Bengali detective character created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay on the lines of Sherlock Holmes,Hercule Poirot. Adventures of this detective was later converted to a sitcom aired on DD.

Byomkesh Bakshi made his first appearance in the book Satyanveshi(Satya-Truth and anveshi - investigator). Here he meets Ajit, the writer,narrator

This has been the best detective series I ever got to watch.

2. of I Dream of Jeannie ... from the very first episode...

I recently came to know , this sitcom was originally written by Sidney Sheldon

3. Making arrangements to view episodes of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi

Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (literal meaning: 'This Thing Called Life') was a popular comedy sitcom on Indian television, aired for the first time in 1984. It was written by comedy writer Sharad Joshi and directed by S. S. Oberoi and Raman Kumar [1]

The title song was sung by Kishore Kumar.

Sharad Joshi is one of the best satirist in Hindi literature, i have read his couple of books and i am absolutely in love with them.
I recently found few of his stories on Internet presented by his daughter Neha Joshi

Here is one of my favourite: "Heroine ka Nahana" - "Bathing of the actress". The link only works on IE for me.

I also find a list of all programs aired on DD-National , which was kind of nostalgic to go through.

A question to my readers, if anyone could answer.

I am also looking for another comedy sitcom aired on DD in yest er years featuring Lilliput and Ratna Pathak. Basically the story line was there are three friends living in Mumbai in the same house and searching for jobs. I vaguely remember it being called "Idhar Udhar". Could anyone please help me in recalling the name of that serial.

I have also mentioned about another sitcom in my previous post,
This is the first sitcom made for Internet .. and target audiences are all office going folks who want to de stress during office hours.

Well this is what my life is revolving around in US these days ...

I am going to New York in May end :-)
Watch this space for pictures.

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As per me , this is one of the most romantic songs you'll get to see in Bollywood . Simply loved the lyrics and simplicity of video.

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Trip to Smokies

We recently took a trip to Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg city in Tennessee state.

It was a weekend trip which we fully enjoyed, I first time did river rafting in my life. It was amazing,

See the pictures here

Feel free to see my other albums in my public gallery

I'll soon post a travelogue on our trip which had quite few interesting incidents

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Lovely Song from movie Juno

Recently i watched the movie Juno ... isn't a very good movie.

But i liked the lead actress and one of the songs

It is a country song with lovely music and meaningful words....


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I found this video on YouTube and it describes evolution of a SE.
Take a look, it is funny.

Also see this link, a nice funny post:

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I have recently started using Digsby. It is a neat and cool IM which consolidates all your IM accounts , youe email accounts and social networking sites into one place. You need not log in to different sites to check your emails or surf the social networking sites. It is working neat for me as I always wanted something like this.

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My Trip to San Francisco

After coming to US, this was my first trip outside Charlotte. It was a much longed and much awaited trip, being canceled once before due to work reasons.

The trip was refreshing and really charged me up. I met my sister and brother-in-law after a long time.

San Francisco is a lively city unlike Charlotte which is quite and serene, sometimes this serenity get on your nerves. It is a great place to visit situated along the Bay and with a pleasant weather through out the year.

Here are some of the pics from my trip.

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I came across this article on Wikipedia while searching for ancient Hindu Literature.

We all know what a brahamastra is. But I never gave it a thought as to how it might work. The article in Wikipedia explained it and it made perfect sense as to how this weapon is such a deadly weapon.

Here goes the explaination.There were certain rules also to use this weapon.

In Hindu scriptures, a Brahmastra (IAST: Brahmāstra, sanskrit: ब्रह्‍मास्‍त्र) is a weaponBrahma. It is sometimes known as the Brahma weapon. As described in a number of the Puranas, it is considered the deadliest weapon. It is said that when a Brahmastra is discharged, there is no withdrawing back of the weapon. It is believed that the Brahmastra never misses its mark and must be used against a single enemy or army. It is believed to be obtained by meditating on the Creator in Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma, and used only once in a lifetime. Since Brahma is considered as the Creator in Hinduism, it is believed that Brahmastra was created by him for anyone who wished to destroy his or her enemy, who also happened to be a part of his creation. The target, when hit by Brahmastra, would be utterly destroyed.

It is said to be based on the concept, that this physical world is nothing but vibrations of gross matter (molecules). This aggregated matter is composed of more subtle matter (atom). A Mantra which consists of powerful vibrations, when said in a particular way (or particular tone), a strong effect is produced on the object of focus (e.g., an arrowhead). It's the energy of vibrations of the uchcharana (chanting) of mantra that imparts energy to the arrowhead and causes the destruction. The syllables and frequency at which they should be pronounced are designed so that they produce the said effect.

Also see this link for descriptions of various other Astras

I also have a question for the readers. As you know there are four Yugas in Hindu Mythology: Satayug, tretayug, dwaparyug and kaliyug.

Are there any characters from the Satyug in Indian Mythology, I know Gods were created by Brahma in Satayug, but any human incarnation of Vishnu who took birth in human form?

Was Raja HarishChandrain Satayug?

Also, if anyone can shed light on events that lead to transition from one yug to another, I only know Kalyug was set after the Mahabharat war whenLord Krishna was killed.

Any clues about TretaYug and Dwaparyug?

Also see this link for a description of time in Hindu Mythology

Feel free to consult your grandmothers and grandfathers :-)

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VIshva Hindi Sammelan

I found this video on YouTube. Gulzaar Saab recites his one of the creations here. Sad thing is that this conference was held in New York and not in India.

Enjoy the video

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Everybody loves Raymond and so do I

I am loving it man, I never watched it in India, but since here I have no option, so have started watching it and dude its serendipity.

And know what i have connected it to really good Indian comedy series(sadly there are not many) Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. It has at least the similar character line up.

Marie -- Maya Sarabhai
Robert -- Roches
Raymond -- Sahil
Debra -- Monisha
Frank -- Indu Sarabhai

The main plot is similar, a nagging mother-in-law and happy-go-lucky daughter-in-law. The son/husband is trying to make both sides happy, the very funny father-in-law and brother-in-law.

Reminds me of another hit comedy serial Dekh bhai dekh, i remember how we use to rush to home from school on Tuesdays just to see that serial.

And yet there is yet another one but i forgot the name, it's quite old featuring liliput and ratna pathak and one more girl, and they lived in the same house looking for a employment, can anyone help me with the name ...
and as I finish this post more old memories rush in of Hum Log - first Indian soap, circus, nukkad, fauji ...we use to watch it sometimes on my grandma's old Weston television with a wooden cabinet and it use to take full 5 minutes to warm up the picture tube.
... wow that old days.

its true, good things never last for long ... :-(

and can anyone please tell me why was the deal with Channel 9 and Doordarshan called off?
It went for I guess some three months, and we got to watch some amazing serials on tv. Doordarshan is really not so दूरदर्शी

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Want a girlfriend !!

I am looking for a girlfriend based in US, because my phone minutes are being wasted. I want to consume my phone minutes to the fullest. I have unlimited nights and weekends free plan.
Interested girls , please leave a comment.

Btw I wrote this post from my blackberry.

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I found this शैर in one of my friend's blog. I thought it's worth spreading it.

ज़रा आवाज़ का लहजा तो बदलो ,
ज़रा मद्धम करो इस आंच को सोना ।
के जल जाते हैं कुंग्रे नर्म रिश्तों के
ज़रा अल्फाज़ के नाखून ताराशो
बहुत चुभते हैं जब नाराज़गी से बात करती हो ।

-गुलज़ार साहब

He goes further to write more , find it here : projectbee

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Agar tum mil jao - Original Version

I found this on YouTube.

An old and i guess original version of the song "Agar tum mil jao"

The singer is Tassarvur Khanum. I have never heard of her, but her voice is pleasing.

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Lovely video

I was looking for this video since ages , today i found it. It's a beautiful but lesser known gazal of Jagjit Singh from his album Bhopal Express

Hope you'll enjoy this.

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आराम करो

यह कविता विश्व मक्कड़ जाल पर मिली और लगा इसी में जीवन कि सचाई है ।
आप भी पढें और सांसारिक मिथ्या से बाहर निकले ।

आराम करो

एक मित्र
मिले, बोले, "लाला, तुम किस चक्की का खाते हो?इस डेढ़ छँटाक के राशन में भी तोंद
बढ़ाए जाते हो।क्या रक्खा है माँस बढ़ाने में, मनहूस, अक्ल से काम
करो।संक्रान्ति-काल की बेला है, मर मिटो, जगत में नाम करो।"हम बोले, "रहने दो
लेक्चर, पुरुषों को मत बदनाम करो।इस दौड़-धूप में क्या रक्खा, आराम करो, आराम
करो।आराम ज़िन्दगी की कुंजी, इससे न तपेदिक होती है।आराम सुधा की एक बूंद, तन का
दुबलापन खोती है।आराम शब्द में 'राम' छिपा जो भव-बंधन को खोता है।आराम शब्द का
ज्ञाता तो विरला ही योगी होता है।इसलिए तुम्हें समझाता हूँ, मेरे अनुभव से काम
करो।ये जीवन, यौवन क्षणभंगुर, आराम करो, आराम करो।यदि करना ही कुछ पड़ जाए तो अधिक न
तुम उत्पात करो।अपने घर में बैठे-बैठे बस लंबी-लंबी बात करो।करने-धरने में क्या
रक्खा जो रक्खा बात बनाने में।जो ओठ हिलाने में रस है, वह कभी न हाथ हिलाने में।तुम
मुझसे पूछो बतलाऊँ -- है मज़ा मूर्ख कहलाने में।जीवन-जागृति में क्या रक्खा जो रक्खा
है सो जाने में।
मैं यही सोचकर पास अक्ल के, कम ही जाया करता हूँ।जो बुद्धिमान
जन होते हैं, उनसे कतराया करता हूँ।दीए जलने के पहले ही घर में आ जाया करता हूँ।जो
मिलता है, खा लेता हूँ, चुपके सो जाया करता हूँ।मेरी गीता में लिखा हुआ -- सच्चे
योगी जो होते हैं,वे कम-से-कम बारह घंटे तो बेफ़िक्री से सोते हैं।अदवायन खिंची खाट
में जो पड़ते ही आनंद आता है।वह सात स्वर्ग, अपवर्ग, मोक्ष से भी ऊँचा उठ जाता है।जब
'सुख की नींद' कढ़ा तकिया, इस सर के नीचे आता है,तो सच कहता हूँ इस सर में, इंजन
जैसा लग जाता है।मैं मेल ट्रेन हो जाता हूँ, बुद्धि भी फक-फक करती है।भावों का रश
हो जाता है, कविता सब उमड़ी पड़ती है।मैं औरों की तो नहीं, बात पहले अपनी ही लेता
हूँ।मैं पड़ा खाट पर बूटों को ऊँटों की उपमा देता हूँ।मैं खटरागी हूँ मुझको तो खटिया
में गीत फूटते हैं।छत की कड़ियाँ गिनते-गिनते छंदों के बंध टूटते हैं।मैं इसीलिए तो
कहता हूँ मेरे अनुभव से काम करो।यह खाट बिछा लो आँगन में, लेटो, बैठो, आराम

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Charlotte Snowfall

Guys here are the pics of snowfall in Charlotte.

Here is one more


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Test Post

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Wrong timezone

Sorry, I forgot to change the time zone , so my post on snowfall will be as per IST when it has to be as per Eastern time zone

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First snowfall of my life

First things first , this is heaven for me ... at least up till now

first snow of the season in Charlotte and very first of my life ... it is snowing right now , it's 2:42 am in the night and i am awake man, just came after walking in the snow and now having a kappa of tea.

I am lucky to see snowfall within a week of arrival in Charlotte generally does not snow in Charlotte, last year it snowed just for one day and it's snowing now, so you got to be lucky to see snow in Charlotte.

Things are all hunky dory in the first week, let me settle down, let me put my feet in the deep waters and then let's see how life turns ...

BTW watched Lucky Number Slevin in the night , wonderful movie ...

Happy snowing till then :-) [pics due on me, u bet]

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With love , from America

Writing this blog from America, to be precise Charlotte,NC. The flight was very long and boring

Absolutely loving the weather, it's chill out here 8 degree celcius, apartment is lovely, beautiful location, naked trees without a single leaf.

So this America for me in 2 days, visited today WalMart, its huge and Costco even bigger.

Have to go to office from tomorrow :-(

All ready to start my new phase of life ...

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