Pardada Pardadi School

It's a long time i have written about anything socially relevant on my blog .

I have been following the blog "Our Delhi Struggle" . They are two New Yorkers that have moved to Delhi and its about their experiences here. Its amusing,thoughtful.

They are also part of few rural initiatives in Uttar Pradesh .

Two such initiatives are:

Pardada Pardadi School in BulandShehr for girl education and vocational training.

Other one is "Rags-to-Pads" initiative that deals with a very basic sanitary need for women - sanitary pads.

Many women in rural India use rags instead of pads during their cycles. This initiative is about setting up a low cost sanitary pad making business to help in better sanitation and raising employment.

They recently raised a fund of $5000 and i am sad that i did not contributed to it. Next time for sure.

Please publicize this and spread the word. We should really appreciate true efforts.

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Zakir Ali 'Rajneesh' said... 17/11/08 2:50 AM  

नाइस पोस्ट।

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