Actions,Actions and No Talking

I feel pleased to hear that Shivraj Patil has resigned (forcefully or voluntarily). Vilasrao Deshmukh is next.

I don't have my anger against these two politicians, but ownership of what has been done has to be taken, no more blame games.

Now what we need are actions.

This time it will not be the case of "suffered and forgot".

Posted by :ubuntu at 1:54:00 PM  


Abhishek said... 1/12/08 12:26 AM  

Don't forget Maharashtra HM R R Patil.

Abhishek said... 1/12/08 12:41 AM  

R R Patil already resigned! Now I want NSA to go.

Abhishek said... 4/12/08 5:59 AM  

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