For all Java lovers out there !!!

I happened to read an awesome blog on Java ...thought will be great to share it ..

Relish every line of it ...

Must read for Java Lovers

btw why don't ppl leave a comment on my blogs :(

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Two too good movies

Last weekend I saw DOR and Stealth ... and both movies were gr8 ....
After a long time saw a good action english movie( i missed Stealth when it was released) ..

DOR is a nice movie with a different script (but later my friend told its a true incident and there the widow doesn't pardons the accused).The characters were apt in their roles and to see Gul Panang was a refreshing so was to see Ayesha Takia(she is looking so cute) in a simple role. What I liked particularly were somewhat laconic converstions(obviously from Zeenat's side) with Shreyas Talpade. His role is fine and brings humour. One dialogue which really striked me was what Gul says to Ayesha
"apne faisle khud karo par unke anjaam sehne ki himmat bhi rakho" [make your own decisions but be brave to face the consequences].
How does Nagesh manages to make a movie with so few characters(he should see Barjatyas')

I saw Stealth on HBO ... i liked the action sequences (the one where fuel plane bursts in the air) ...the AI element in it ...
it is a good action movie to watch !!!!!

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