RDB to Oscars

Two days back, on NDTV there was a discussion on whether RDB is a good choice for Oscars or not...
The panel had Nagesh Kukunoor and Rakeysh Mehra.
First things first ...why do Indians have to protest against almost every thing that’s happening in the country (probably the disadvantage of big population, difficult to achieve unanimity). Discussion was a short one (10 minutes) in which Nagesh Kukunoor complaint that he didn't even know that entries were invited for Oscars or he would have sent DOR, anyways one valid point he made was that Indian films lacked international scripts, even if movies are made for international audience, they are aimed at Indian Diaspora. Yes I think that’s true...apart from BLACK, I don't think in recent times any exceptional script has been framed.
Rakeysh Mehra pointed out that he was expecting his movie for the selection so had mixed emotions.
The debate is that LRMB should have been send. Well my personal opinion is that LRMB is not an Oscar material, it’s a very good film with simple, lively script and great humour but nothing sparkling (except Vidya Balan, gosh no nominations for best foreign actor).
RDB has a binding script, great performances and appealing message (more appealing than LRMB). But RDB will be a tough bet, I personally believe so, but far, far better than Paheli (we really screwed it last time).

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A memorable weekend !!!!

Once upon a time on Friday, The 8th
…. my friend’s name featured in a lucky draw on confident group’s website. He got a free ticket to Jagjit Singh’s concert. As I had only put his name in the draw, I was eligible for the ticket (the show was on Saturday).
This was the first time I was going for a Jagjit Singh’s concert and was really excited being his ardent fan. The show began as per scheduled without much delay (surprising to me as I was expecting at least half an hour delay s it happens in big shows) and …
what a show it was … he is truly the ghazal maestro.
He began with the ghazal “pyaar ka pehla khat likhne mein…” he has such a powerful voice and what a perfectionist he is ... bass of tabla, his own voice, master tuning, (God knows whats that), fine tuning, it was a true out of the world experience, such a romantic evening and one side of me was a guy and other side was an Aunty. His fellow musicians were also adept in their fields, I have never heard more beautiful synchronization between a violin and a tabla, that guy could play the whole ghazal on his violin. The show went on for three hours and everyone sat mesmerized during the show. I really felt lucky to attend the concert.

I have promised my friends to take them to the next Jagjit Singh's concert.

On Sunday I went to view “Lage Raho Munnabhai” with my friends and again …what a movie. Vidya Balan is what they call simply beautiful and beautifully simple.
Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt’s duo has again charmed the audience. A must watch.
Afterwards I told my friend that Chopra’s should release a sequel of the movie every year, no hi-fi script required just common plain India (reminds me of Hrishikesh Mukherji’s movies).
So here ends my memorable weekend, after a long time did I spend my weekend on something memorable.

BTW I have passed my SCJP exam and there ended three months old mental trauma, the paper was easy, not worth preparing for three months.

Next week we are going for a trip to Kodaikonal…look the space for more :)

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