RDB to Oscars

Two days back, on NDTV there was a discussion on whether RDB is a good choice for Oscars or not...
The panel had Nagesh Kukunoor and Rakeysh Mehra.
First things first ...why do Indians have to protest against almost every thing that’s happening in the country (probably the disadvantage of big population, difficult to achieve unanimity). Discussion was a short one (10 minutes) in which Nagesh Kukunoor complaint that he didn't even know that entries were invited for Oscars or he would have sent DOR, anyways one valid point he made was that Indian films lacked international scripts, even if movies are made for international audience, they are aimed at Indian Diaspora. Yes I think that’s true...apart from BLACK, I don't think in recent times any exceptional script has been framed.
Rakeysh Mehra pointed out that he was expecting his movie for the selection so had mixed emotions.
The debate is that LRMB should have been send. Well my personal opinion is that LRMB is not an Oscar material, it’s a very good film with simple, lively script and great humour but nothing sparkling (except Vidya Balan, gosh no nominations for best foreign actor).
RDB has a binding script, great performances and appealing message (more appealing than LRMB). But RDB will be a tough bet, I personally believe so, but far, far better than Paheli (we really screwed it last time).

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Abhishek said... 28/9/06 1:33 AM  

A day earlier there was an online poll on BBCHindi.com which asked users to tell which movie should have been sent to Oscars. Options were : RDB, LRMB, Omkara and (surprisingly!)Corporate. 'RDB' got least votes!
Personally I too believe RDB deserves to go to Oscars and a pretty insipid movie like 'Corporate' getting more votes just shows that we have to protest against every decision. If LRMB was chosen, everyone would have cried themselves hoarse why not RDB! This goes on.
About Black:It's an 'inspiration' from a Polish movie 'Blue'.

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