A memorable weekend !!!!

Once upon a time on Friday, The 8th
…. my friend’s name featured in a lucky draw on confident group’s website. He got a free ticket to Jagjit Singh’s concert. As I had only put his name in the draw, I was eligible for the ticket (the show was on Saturday).
This was the first time I was going for a Jagjit Singh’s concert and was really excited being his ardent fan. The show began as per scheduled without much delay (surprising to me as I was expecting at least half an hour delay s it happens in big shows) and …
what a show it was … he is truly the ghazal maestro.
He began with the ghazal “pyaar ka pehla khat likhne mein…” he has such a powerful voice and what a perfectionist he is ... bass of tabla, his own voice, master tuning, (God knows whats that), fine tuning, it was a true out of the world experience, such a romantic evening and one side of me was a guy and other side was an Aunty. His fellow musicians were also adept in their fields, I have never heard more beautiful synchronization between a violin and a tabla, that guy could play the whole ghazal on his violin. The show went on for three hours and everyone sat mesmerized during the show. I really felt lucky to attend the concert.

I have promised my friends to take them to the next Jagjit Singh's concert.

On Sunday I went to view “Lage Raho Munnabhai” with my friends and again …what a movie. Vidya Balan is what they call simply beautiful and beautifully simple.
Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt’s duo has again charmed the audience. A must watch.
Afterwards I told my friend that Chopra’s should release a sequel of the movie every year, no hi-fi script required just common plain India (reminds me of Hrishikesh Mukherji’s movies).
So here ends my memorable weekend, after a long time did I spend my weekend on something memorable.

BTW I have passed my SCJP exam and there ended three months old mental trauma, the paper was easy, not worth preparing for three months.

Next week we are going for a trip to Kodaikonal…look the space for more :)

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