Travelogue- To Kodaikanal

Had visited to kodai on a three day trip in sept end....was one of the gr8 trips out of very few we have undertaken ...doesn't feel like writing abt it (just being lazy) so have a look at the pics ...

Was thinking something do you define a hobby ...

my hobby is travelling - but i dont travel a lot, but i'm excited whenevr I travel.
my hobby is photography - but I seldom take gr8 snaps, but i'm excited whenevr I have a camera in my hand.
my hobby is reading - and i do read occasionally.

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kamaal ka din !!!

Aaj accha din hai, kaam nahin hai(tell me something new) or blogs surf kar raha hoon ...
getting good stuff ...

betaal pachisi mili mujhe read all of them ...
here's the link

Betaal Pachisi

aaj main upar,aasmaan neeche... :-)

I would also like to draw attension of all readers to Blank Noise Project. The Link is to the left side of my blogs under Do Visit section. This is a project on eve teasing. Many people have come here and wrote their experiences.
Good Initiative, India needs things like this.

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Nice one

I found this on one of the blogs.. :-)

Kitabon se kabhie guzro to yoon kirdaar milte hain
Gaye waqton ki dyodhi par khade kuch yaar milte hain
Jise hum dil ka veerana samajhkar chod aaye the
Wahin ujde huye shahron ke kuch aasar milte hain

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Why this ???

Today I took part in SDN survey, after the survey I was going thru official rules and I found this, snapshot of one of the rules.

Click on the image to see a enlarged image.

Can anyone explain me why is it so ? all you SUN guys - give it a try :-)

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Oh I am a happy man. This flower was in our backyard few years back,but now the plant has died, it is one of the most beautiful flower I have come across.
I found this picture while surfing the blogs.I wish we still had this this flower.
Can anyone tell me its name(is it Gloria). do leave a comment


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I recently read an article in Hindu aboutt some "Wales" (creator of Wikipedia) and how Wikipedia has grown was a nice article thing I came to know from it was Uncylopedia .

this is parody over wikipedia and i'm loving it .... just started exploring it, its amazing ...explore yourself ... read anything you want on it .
Read what uncyclopedia has to say on wikipedia at
But one advice: take whatever is written on it as a humour, don't get serious and offended by the articles (please don't sue the organization) .
To begin with read this:
Please jaat bhaiyyon, don't get offended by this , you may read this as a soother :

Happy uncyclopeding ( i hope this is correct gerund, in harmony with googling )


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