Long time ...no post ???

Its been long time i have posted something of my own.

To start with i'll post two clips I recently watched.

Sita sings the blues
is a humorous and innovative animation which tells story of Sita and Ram projecting it to a modern couple. I loved the narration style. I have even odwnloaded the movie :-)
The songs in it are awesome. Watch it and enjoy it.

JAVA, Search, Gadgets and me...: Did You Know 2.0

Posted by Himanshu, is a nice video explaining where the information age is taking this world.

I also learned about OLPC project (One laptop per child).
I visited India page of OLPC. 700 laptops have been so far distributed in India.
Earlier I was skeptical about the success of this mission in India, it heavily depends on an internet connection, else what will be the usefulness of a laptop to a child? But later when I gave it a thought about it, I realized that laptop is just a medium to impart education (like a language). However grass root realities could be different :-) .

Just finished reading "Rising Sun" by Micheal Crichton. It touches the dynamics of US-Japan economic relations and to some extend it is true as well. US lags behind Japan in auto and electronic segment. When I thought of buying a car, American models were out of question as they have very less re-sale value. I was concentrating on Japanese brands. Same is the case with electronics.

According to a Motley-Fool study, the US national debt is equivalent to its GDP, so essentially US economy growth is zero. i am hearing this financial year will even be more worse than previous year and current financial depression may reach its abyss.
Lets hope for the best. Job market in US is looking to be really horrific and repercussion are being felt on Indian IT Industry as well. With new Obama administration putting a cap on H1B visas to US , things in future looks more gloomy.

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Here I found on Digg, 100 funny pictures with wrong angles. Lot of them float around in email attachments but some are new. These are quite funny.

Also creative ads:


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