Recently read this somewhere and initially found it strange but later it started sinking in.

"Strange though it may sound, even if light didn't exist there would still be the speed of light and it would still have the same value. The speed of light is part of the geometry of space-time and the fact that light travels at "the speed of light" is almost a cosmic afterthought. Gravity and the so-called "strong force" also travel at that speed."

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Mixed Bag

I have been neglecting my online life for quite some time now. Just being plain lazy.

I have recently registered on StumbleUpon service and has installed its toolbar and i would admit that my internet experience has really been enriched , stumbling upon some good sites. I would encourage people to try it.

Here is my profile on StumbleUpon:

Will like to share few interesting stuff.

Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong :)

Also I would like to share few good sites I stumbled upon

And at last , a beautiful poem i read recently by Faiz Ahmed फैज़

Thanks to Neha for putting it on her blog from where I read it.

तेरी समुन्दर आँखों मे

ये धूप किनारा शाम ढले
मिलते हैं दोंनो वक्त जहाँ

जो रात न दिन, जो आज न कल
पल भर में अमर, पल भर में धुंआँ

इस धूप किनारे, पल दो पल
होठों की लपक, बाँहों की खनक
ये मेल हमारा झूठ न सच
क्यों रार करें, क्यों दोष धरें
किस कारण झूठी बात करें

जब तेरी समन्दर आँखों में
इस शाम का सूरज डूबेगा
सुख सोयेंगे घर-दर वाले
और राही अपनी राह लेगा।

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