As per me , this is one of the most romantic songs you'll get to see in Bollywood . Simply loved the lyrics and simplicity of video.

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Trip to Smokies

We recently took a trip to Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg city in Tennessee state.

It was a weekend trip which we fully enjoyed, I first time did river rafting in my life. It was amazing,

See the pictures here

Feel free to see my other albums in my public gallery

I'll soon post a travelogue on our trip which had quite few interesting incidents

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Lovely Song from movie Juno

Recently i watched the movie Juno ... isn't a very good movie.

But i liked the lead actress and one of the songs

It is a country song with lovely music and meaningful words....


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I found this video on YouTube and it describes evolution of a SE.
Take a look, it is funny.

Also see this link, a nice funny post:

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I have recently started using Digsby. It is a neat and cool IM which consolidates all your IM accounts , youe email accounts and social networking sites into one place. You need not log in to different sites to check your emails or surf the social networking sites. It is working neat for me as I always wanted something like this.

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My Trip to San Francisco

After coming to US, this was my first trip outside Charlotte. It was a much longed and much awaited trip, being canceled once before due to work reasons.

The trip was refreshing and really charged me up. I met my sister and brother-in-law after a long time.

San Francisco is a lively city unlike Charlotte which is quite and serene, sometimes this serenity get on your nerves. It is a great place to visit situated along the Bay and with a pleasant weather through out the year.

Here are some of the pics from my trip.

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