Belated Happy Anniversary

Belated 1st Happy Anniversary to my blog and a belated happy b'day to me

Wanted to post this on 7Th July, but could not do it.

Q. So how it feels to complete one year in the blogger park
A. I'm feeling glad that I was able to keep my blog alive in this jungle for one year. It seems to be a thing of yesterday when I started blogging.
Learnt many things on the way, my posts speak of thou things.
Along the journey, removed all ads from my template, just felt am being too money minded :-)

Added lot of feeds to my reader,stumbled upon many great blogs and so forth.

Let's hope I'll keep writing more, actually, past few weeks I'm short of ideas.

On a different note, finished reading The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini, an amazing book, you can't stop yourself to finish it first.
I'll recommend everyone to read it, it's kind of different.
Now in a process of reading iCon, unofficial biography of Steve Jobs, this too is a great book which teaches you, you need not be fair and honest to be great :-)

Then new book of Khalid Hosseini is on the block ; A Thousand Splendid Suns, eyeing it as my next target as soon as I get my hands on it (by hook or by crook :) )

And recently was gifted The Mahabharata by Badrinath Chaturvedi, the heaviest book in my collection by one of my friends.
Its adaptation of Mahabharata in today's times.

Another book on the anvil is Shashi Tharoor's The Great Indian Novel, again linking Mahabharata to modern India

So lots of reading pending, lets see where it all takes you.

Looking for a splendid new year ahead - Amen

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Jikes- A new java compiler

I found this new java compiler on the net, earlier supported by IBM.
This is a cool new compiler and better than javac in someways.

Jikes is claimed to be a much faster compiler than javac. They have listed 5 benefits of using Jikes instead of javac .

Incremental compilation is one of them. Incremental compilation is what IDE's do to your code, its compiling your code everytime file is modified. So u'll catch errors as you type them.

Another advantage is it gets rid of somtimes annoying stacktraces. Instead it points out errors line number wise and points to the position where error occurs and gives a verbal description of it. A cool feature.

So why we need a different compiler when IDE's give much better support for this.

I'll recommend this not for professionals who work on IDE env. It is a good thing for all java beginners who want to try something new and nice.

In my personal opinion you should not jump into IDE mode in the beginning, first dirty your hands with console application development, understand nuances of classpaths and paths and then later go in a IDE mode.


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