Old is Gold

Got hold of these pics ofIndia shot a century ago.
I have kinda started enjoying the pics from yester years , i look for the sorroundings , the tidyness of the place around ... and I feel those were good old days to live in.
I wonder what we have missed in our generation, now digitsl media is so ubiquitas, i dont think if someone see the snaps of today a century later, he will feel nostalgic ..it is that rarity that causes the desire to own it.
I also wonder what the next generation will miss. Will it be:

  1. Food served on a broad leaf and to be eaten while sitting on the floor?
  2. sleeping under the open sky in villages?
  3. exploring things rather then watching them on television?
  4. drinking water of a well ?
  5. flying kites?

To add to that global warming is a scary thing . Lets see where we are heading.

Here is the link :

Posted by :ubuntu at 4:50:00 PM  


googol said... 4/7/08 5:44 AM  

Hmmm... Many people are already deprived of the things that you listed. These give wonderful feeling.
I am lucky to have enjoyed all of these but the last one, that too by choice. :)

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