2nd Anniversary

First things first ...
Happy Birthday to me !!!!

Second thing second ...

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my blog !!!

I just realized that today is also the 2nd anniversary for my blog. So just wanted to post something to carry on the tradition :-)

If I have to present my state of mind right now .... here it

आज फिर दिल है कुछ उदास उदास ,
देखिये आज फिर याद आए कौन ।

Sitting so far from home ...missing things which i never felt. were important back in India.

This is life dude :-)

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googol said... 7/7/08 1:50 AM  

Many happy returns of the day

Bipin "Om" Upadhyay said... 7/7/08 4:43 AM  
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Bipin Upadhyay said... 7/7/08 4:44 AM  

Hum to hain pardes mein,
Desh mein, nikla hoga chand..

Janmdin ki Shubhkamnayein

himanshu said... 7/7/08 5:41 AM  

Many many happy returns of the day.

Anonymous said... 13/7/08 10:57 AM  

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