Ok , this is my command prompt of my newly installed ubuntu 8.04 OS.

My computer name is nirvana and user name is moksha :-)

The user message you will get at login screen is

To err is human, to really foul up things you need root password

It has been a week and i am loving Hardy Heron, there are couple of glitches still though, like my wireless internet connection is not working, though wired connection is working. Doing RnD on my wireless n/w card.

One question to the readers, if any one can throw some light on that.
The hindi fonts on Ubuntu are not so polished as were in windows (or is it to do between FF and IE)? Any suggestion how to improve them.

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himanshu said... 29/6/08 11:02 PM  

Congratulations!!! Ek accha kaam kiya wahan jakar:)

Bipin Upadhyay said... 1/7/08 9:55 AM  

Use ndiswrapper for to use your windows wireless drivers on Linux.
Which wireless do you have btw?

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