I am loving it, a cool idea implemented is an unofficial Google search engine on command line ... no GUI.

You can type search strings on cmd line and it will give you results .

Give it a shot.

Posted by :ubuntu at 10:46:00 PM  


Pravesh (Pravy) said... 4/6/08 8:21 AM  

Nice info! Thanks! Keep on posting..

googol said... 5/6/08 12:49 AM  


* When switched to Hindi language, it has got transliteration also. You can actually search "हिन्दी". The original Google text box doesn't have a transliterator.

* I like the translation:
english hindi how do you do?
आप कैसे करते हैं ?

* Not allowed to copy-paste the text.

* If a new URL is opened in the same window (using go command) and then if Back button is hit, your previous searches are lost :(

Anyways... its cool, and I liked it.

Vaibhav said... 9/6/08 11:18 PM  

ya checked it weeks back, its cool ! Don't know where they are going to fit this. But ya its cool.

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