With love , from America

Writing this blog from America, to be precise Charlotte,NC. The flight was very long and boring

Absolutely loving the weather, it's chill out here 8 degree celcius, apartment is lovely, beautiful location, naked trees without a single leaf.

So this America for me in 2 days, visited today WalMart, its huge and Costco even bigger.

Have to go to office from tomorrow :-(

All ready to start my new phase of life ...

Posted by :ubuntu at 9:00:00 PM  


Bipin Upadhyay said... 14/1/08 1:04 AM  

What? No pictures??? :P

Have fun and take care :)

himanshu said... 14/1/08 10:50 PM  

Gr8...I m really happy to see u thr. Keep doing the gud work and best of luck for the future.
Whenevr post the photos let me know.
Tk care...

Vaibhav said... 15/1/08 10:42 PM  

All the best dude !

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