First snowfall of my life

First things first , this is heaven for me ... at least up till now

first snow of the season in Charlotte and very first of my life ... it is snowing right now , it's 2:42 am in the night and i am awake man, just came after walking in the snow and now having a kappa of tea.

I am lucky to see snowfall within a week of arrival in Charlotte generally does not snow in Charlotte, last year it snowed just for one day and it's snowing now, so you got to be lucky to see snow in Charlotte.

Things are all hunky dory in the first week, let me settle down, let me put my feet in the deep waters and then let's see how life turns ...

BTW watched Lucky Number Slevin in the night , wonderful movie ...

Happy snowing till then :-) [pics due on me, u bet]

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