Profound Lyrics

In the morning I was watching Izzazat, what a masterpiece.

And is it this what you call profound lyrics:

हलके कोहरे के धुएं मे,
शायद आसमान तक आ गयी हूँ ,
तेरी सूनी बाहों के सहारे,
देखो कहाँ तक आ गयी ।

or is it this :

एक अकेली छतरी मे जब आधे आधे भीग रहे थे,
आधे गीले आधे सूखे सूखा तो मैं ले आई थी ।
गीला मन शायद बिस्तर के पास पड़ा हो ,
वो भिजवादो मेरा कुछ सामान लौटा दो ।

Gulzar has woven magic in this movie. What a poetry

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Vaibhav said... 28/12/07 4:52 AM  

o yes, sounds like masterpiece.

Bipin Upadhyay said... 2/1/08 3:08 AM  

aaah! Ijaazat :)

There was a time when I used to listen "Mera Kuchh Saman" over and over and over... Finally the cassette couldn't take anymore :)
I used to love the beginning of the song with an incomplete and extended "Sa.." :)

...aur mere ik khat mein lipati raat padi hai,
Woh raat bujha do, mera woh samaan lauta do
Chhoti si kahani se, baarishon ke paani se, Saari Waadi bhar gayi....
Na jaane kyun, dil bhar gaya,
Na jaane kyun aankh bhar gayi....

Katra-Katra milti hain, Katra-Katra Jeene do..
Zindagi hai, Behne do....
Pyaasi hoon main, Pyaasi rahne do....

Khaali haath shaam ayi, Khaali haath jayegi...
Aaj bhi na aaya koi, khaali laut jayegi..
(with a very quick murki in jayegi. :)

The complete music of the movie is legendary. I am sad that I haven't watched the movie yet :(

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