Bell Bajao - Ring the Bell

Recently came across the "Bell Bajao" campaign by the international human rights organisation Breakthrough. They in the past have carried many campaigns like Mann ke manjeere and what kind of a man are you?

Bell Bajao campaign is against Domestic violence in India and urges men to protest against it.
They want men to take action against domestic violence in their neighbourhood.

Please visit the site

Here I would like to mention another social campaign being carried out through Internet, i have mentioned it before also. It is against sexual harassment in India
Project Blank Noise

See the ads on the Bell Bajao campaign below.

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अभिषेक said... 26/8/08 1:35 PM  

Good info Jolly.
But I don't know if in today's world where we don't know the name of our immediate neighbor, most of us would actually think of 'interfering' in other's life.

But we should do so!

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