Nothing much going on this part of the world, at least not which excites me!!!!

I have changed the title of my blog. Well I was thinking of changing it since a long time but never found a good one.
This is also not too apt but better than previous one.
It does not mean that my blog is a serendipity for anyone surfing through universe of blogs ( come on, i don't write that well).
What triggered this change is that I just now finished watching Serendipity, the movie and really liked it ... it is sweet and romantic.
Moreover, i like this word a lot for its long and feel-good meaning.

Btw, in the morning saw the movie "Thoda Roomani Ho Jaayein", thanks to Bipin for sharing the files.
I really enjoyed the movie and found it second one which has used "Kaafiya" in dialogues, first movie being "Khoobsurat" starring Rekha
Does anyone know of any other movie which has used "Kaafiya" ?

Here is a qoute I found on wikipedia about Serendipity :-)
"Serendipity is looking in a haystack for a needle and discovering a farmer's daughter."
----- Pek van Andel
My friends Praveen and Asty have changed their blog themes.

Let me show you the theme I really like - it is designed by the author of the blog herself . I love the neatness in the theme
Here it is :

Reading the blog won't hurt too. Do read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, it is innovative and funny.

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himanshu said... 10/8/08 3:15 AM  

Congratulations on new title. I saw this movie long back and thought "Kash ye mere sath hota" :).

Good luck for new posts and I ll expect some serendipity from those posts :D.

Praveen राठी said... 10/8/08 11:51 PM  

Hmmm... the disclaimer of the Meghalomania Post is really yummy.
But I didn't like the theme much. On my system, with Screen Area (1280 by 1024), I can see some space wastage on the right. But the colors look cool. :)

Congrats on the new "Blog Name"

Abhishek said... 20/8/08 3:47 AM  

I am also downloading 'Serendipity'. Will watch it over the weekend.

Yes that blog is pretty nice.

And Piryanshu write so is actually serendipity to find yours :)

No kidding!

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