Everybody loves Raymond and so do I

I am loving it man, I never watched it in India, but since here I have no option, so have started watching it and dude its serendipity.

And know what i have connected it to really good Indian comedy series(sadly there are not many) Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. It has at least the similar character line up.

Marie -- Maya Sarabhai
Robert -- Roches
Raymond -- Sahil
Debra -- Monisha
Frank -- Indu Sarabhai

The main plot is similar, a nagging mother-in-law and happy-go-lucky daughter-in-law. The son/husband is trying to make both sides happy, the very funny father-in-law and brother-in-law.

Reminds me of another hit comedy serial Dekh bhai dekh, i remember how we use to rush to home from school on Tuesdays just to see that serial.

And yet there is yet another one but i forgot the name, it's quite old featuring liliput and ratna pathak and one more girl, and they lived in the same house looking for a employment, can anyone help me with the name ...
and as I finish this post more old memories rush in of Hum Log - first Indian soap, circus, nukkad, fauji ...we use to watch it sometimes on my grandma's old Weston television with a wooden cabinet and it use to take full 5 minutes to warm up the picture tube.
... wow that old days.

its true, good things never last for long ... :-(

and can anyone please tell me why was the deal with Channel 9 and Doordarshan called off?
It went for I guess some three months, and we got to watch some amazing serials on tv. Doordarshan is really not so दूरदर्शी

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Vaibhav said... 15/2/08 11:10 PM  

Ha ha .. so you are missing old days. Ya but you can see the good things coming with technologies. I guess it difficult to get those Hum Log stuff, but now we can save and we can store all the serials and movies.

Abhishek said... 16/2/08 6:43 AM  

As far as I know the Channel 9-DD deal wasn't called off, it was just not extended!The deal was for 1 year and it lasted for 1 year.
However to be honest, though I loved the fare '9 Gold' served at that time (simply because it was novelty among the immensely drab programming on once trendsetting DD Metro) in retrospect I find that quite run of the mill now! Maybe due to overflow of similar stuff.

I am watching the rerun of 'SB vs SB' these days and loving it!

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