Gmail is not opening in IE7

On my IE7, Gmail is not opening and IE shows following error. Any clue?

Posted by :ubuntu at 2:16:00 PM  


himanshu said... 3/5/08 2:38 PM  

wht the hell? r u still using IE?

Anonymous said... 4/5/08 3:25 AM  

I don't think it's an IE7 issue. I just checked in ie8 beta (and ie7 emulation mode). Works in the usual buggy mode for me.
BTW, you seem to have Google toolbar or something similar installed?

just an addition to Himanshu's comment
You use toolbars!!! :-o
What the heck!

Vaibhav said... 5/5/08 12:19 AM  

hmmm.. sounds pretty bad ! what internet has to say about this information

vandana said... 5/6/08 3:25 AM  

I have the probable answer for this, its with the browser settings, need to check with the error to get correct solution.

Judas said... 9/7/08 11:58 PM  

don know hw to cure ths probs...cos occassionally evn i get such crappy error msgs...

niways try ths...EVERYTIME yu get th error msg... :P

tools> internet options> (under browsing history) delete all

nd thn refresh wid F5 !!

dats jus th temporary cure...if anyone knows a better solution...please...

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