The future !!!

Guys , this is the best thing i have seen. Have a look.

MS Surface

its amazing what technology can do for us.

After plug and play, its touch and play

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My Blog is worth ???

My Blog is worth:

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

So any takers !!!!

And my friend recently pointed out a blunder in my blog .
Sherlock Holmes address is 221b Baker Street and not 21 Baker Street as I assumed in my blog URL, the very identity of my URL is in jeopardy ..... :-(
Some one help.
I'll change the URL but then I'll have to inform everyone, so me thinking to keep it like this only.

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New Theme

I have put a new theme on my blog. Got this one from a blog while surfing the net.
You can find the link at the footer of my blog page. I haven't removed it to acknowledge the work done by the person. Please who ever puts the theme from that blog, do not edit the footer. Respect IP

Looks really cute to me. So for the mean while i will keep this new theme until i see Shrek the third.
The cons of this, i have lost all my custom widgets i built up, but i guess i can build them again.

Till then praise my new theme. :-)

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Last night I tried an experiment along with my friend। I asked him to scroll his phone list and count how many people are there whom he wants to call right now, as in a feeling from inside says "चलो आज उस से बात करते हैं" . Surprisingly we both came up with two names each from some 70-80 odd names.

This is how I called up my cousin. We have not met since past one and a half year and whenever we meet we usually have a lot to talk, nothing pre-decided, just impromptu.
It was great talking to him. He is Delhi and we generally don't contact each other much often, don't know why, both have each other's phone number but still ??.

We talked about each other's lives, pulled each other's legs and commented on how serious each one have grown and could gauge from each one's voice.

  1. How easy it is to let time seep in through your relationships and make them feel afar
  2. How easy it is to avoid this but still we don't, how long it takes to call a friend each month, but still we could/do not
  3. How easy it is to get nostalgic about the past
  4. How easy it is to make you feel that you both have come a long way and things have changed when none of you intended to do so

Still struggling to understand the nuances of life,
Still struggling to digest that only change is constant.

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