New Theme

I have put a new theme on my blog. Got this one from a blog while surfing the net.
You can find the link at the footer of my blog page. I haven't removed it to acknowledge the work done by the person. Please who ever puts the theme from that blog, do not edit the footer. Respect IP

Looks really cute to me. So for the mean while i will keep this new theme until i see Shrek the third.
The cons of this, i have lost all my custom widgets i built up, but i guess i can build them again.

Till then praise my new theme. :-)

Posted by :ubuntu at 7:18:00 AM  


googol said... 22/5/07 2:33 AM  

Its really cool and catchy... ;)

Vaibhav said... 23/5/07 11:23 PM  

ya looking cool... better than ur last one :D

Khushboo said... 24/5/07 7:36 AM  

The new template is good :)

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