My Blog is worth ???

My Blog is worth:

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

So any takers !!!!

And my friend recently pointed out a blunder in my blog .
Sherlock Holmes address is 221b Baker Street and not 21 Baker Street as I assumed in my blog URL, the very identity of my URL is in jeopardy ..... :-(
Some one help.
I'll change the URL but then I'll have to inform everyone, so me thinking to keep it like this only.

Posted by :ubuntu at 12:18:00 AM  


Vaibhav said... 27/5/07 9:39 AM  

Ha ha .. you wont believe but some time back my blog cost was very high. but no idea ... i guess it degraded over year.

No issues, the current URL is cool. You go ahead and make a street at 21 also.

Jaya said... 12/6/07 12:31 PM  

I will give you a picture of the statue of the person (in the same street)who's address' namesake( supposedly ) is your blog! Don't bother! Im just trying to be a little witty( after a while in exile).

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