Probably Jaya feels the same

I found this on ibn blogs written by Somen Mishra.
First I thought to post the poem here, but then its no better than plagiarism, even if I acknowledge the author. So the link instead.

My friend Jaya is shifting to B'lore and I thought this might capture her current mood. :-)

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Jaya said... 5/1/07 1:19 AM  

Dil ne kya kaha, yeh toh pata karna mushkil hai. Shayad I am moving closer to where I belong. Thanks for the link to the poem. I am feeling pretty much the same. I am not sure where I am headed or why I am headed towards Bangalore.

somen said... 2/7/07 7:35 AM  

Hey Priyanshu,
thnx so much for giving space to aur phir. feels great. btw,m back to mumbai. n everyone said we told u so. but who cares as long as u want to do something.

Jaya,all the best...wherever u r heading. u know the best.

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