My experiments with ???

Hello everyone, well this post is about my new blog at Wordpress.
I wanted to explore wordpress blogging service too (heard, it's better than blogger).
So I created a new bog and dedicated it to my love for photography.
Can't start a new blog on my ramblings, so i thought why not d something interesting.
This blog will have all my photography related posts in future, my experiences, tips, links to interesting pics etc. I have migrated few posts from here too.

But this blog will take time to grow and i will only post good pics on this blog (which i don't doubt will turn into better ones with time).

The header will feature photographs by me and will keep changing.

So without taking a break let me redirect you to my new blog: veni,vedi,vici

I request you to please add this link too on your blogrolls.

Let me see if I can maintain two blogs at a time without risking the hits on each one :-)

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Vaibhav said... 21/1/07 10:01 AM  

cool so new blog ! Go ahead !

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