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My friend VKC posted a blog on Panchatantra and was searching for its stories in Hindi. So I thought of doing some R&D on this. I in my earlier post mentioned about the Betaal Pachisi available on the internet.

And what I come across can be called serendipity.

I personally being a seeker of hindi literature on the internet was unaware of this initiative (sorry to say) .

Ministry of IT has launched TDIL project for in 1991-1992.

This snippet has been taken from TDIL site

The Department of Information Technology initiated the TDIL (Technology
Development for Indian Languages) with the objective of developing Information
Processing Tools and Techniques to facilitate human-machine interaction without
language barrier; creating and accessing multilingual knowledge resources; and
integrating them to develop innovative user products and services.

TDIL under CoIL-NET (Content Development in Indian Language Network) project of IGNCA is developing a digital library for hindi literature. Hindi folklares are being digitised and stored here.

Also IGNCA has another project Kalasampada dedicated to digitisation of Indian Arts.
TDIL has undertaken various other initiatives. Do visit the website.

This is a great initiative from Ministry of Comm & IT (MCIT) and should be endorsed at all levels.

Reminds me of my college prof Sanjay Goel, who had worked in IGNCA under such a initiative and he use to share his experiences with us.

Visit the digital library here

On a different note , I have just finished reading the book KaoBoys of RA&W.

It's a wonderful book giving you an insight over the functioniong of RA&W.
Everyone should read this book to have an idea of the role and functioning of RA&W and IB and their importance in security of India. This books written by B. Raman has his memories during his 27 years of service in RAW.

It gives you an insider's on various events like Operation Blue Star, assasination of Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi, khalistani movement in Punjab and demolition of Babri Masjid.

One thing which really pinches you is the favourtism shown by USA to Pak and not declaring it a state sponsor of terrorism. Inspite of ample evidences given by RAW to CIA w.r.t to the involvement of ISI on Indian soil, CIA has been refuting the charges and avoiding declaring Pak as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Please read this book as it enlightens you on the hidden areas of national security.

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