People - Like?

I have come up with an original classification of humans not to be found in any
Org-Behav/Psychology/Sociology book.

This one has originally been derived on the basis of my experiences with my life and outside world. So here it is :

Humans can be categorised as follows:

  1. Those who can work hard.
  2. Those who can spend money.
  3. Those who can do neither.
A sub category of 2nd type can be people who are lucky.

I'm sorry to say but in 80% cases I fall in third category.

Never try to be in 3rd category, life will turn harsh on you and things will not just seem to fall in place.

Posted by :ubuntu at 5:06:00 AM  


Vaibhav said... 23/10/07 11:56 AM  

No ... Again Doing thing is completely depeonds on what you want from life !

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