Microsoft Tafiti

To quote a blogger, this is what he pasted:

If you’re looking for a search engine that requires a plug-in, disables your
back button, won’t allow you to right-click URLs to copy them, needs pop-ups
enabled, and doesn’t let you use your mouse wheel to scroll, look no further
than Tafiti.

Tafiti, (you will need SilverLight installed on your m/c for viewing) which means "do research" in Swahili, is the latest development from Microsoft.

It's a new search tool built on top of Live Search and uses Microsoft's SilverLight technology.

And it's a typical MS product, it's the best in what MS is known best to do:User Interface

and not so good in which MS is known to for incompetency:functionality

It has a great GUI, innovative drag and drop save search facility and then a tree view of your search results. You can, through a slider, change the number of leaves in the tree, stripping the results in the order of importance, rotate the tree to see all sides. A nice set of rotating icons, let you oscillate your search b/w web,blogs,books,photos etc.

It's a search tool to play with, but when it comes to finding your search results in .65 seconds flat, no one can beat Google.

As a test I searched 21bakerstreet on Google as well as tafiti, Google took me to my blog, but tafiti could not even search for it :-(

So for me it is a good tool to admire technology and kill yourself from boredom, but when it comes to fast search , let there be Google.

So be it Yahoo! Mindset or Tafiti, long live the Google.

As far as SilverLight is concerned, it's a great technology. You can view a demo site which uses SilverLight: SilverLight Demo

On a different note, i came across a site : YMII (Your Man in India) , it's growing to be a popular site among NRIs. They undertake your works, saving you precious time. You can outsource your data filling jobs, writing emails, meeting someone in India, on your behalf, they will shop for you, will take your friends for sight seeing, whatever you want.

so, that's all to write as of now.

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Vaibhav said... 2/9/07 1:46 AM  

ah so many research on a day.

Great work

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