Co-incidence [Twice]

This has happened with me before, but when it happened second time, i thought I'll post this with a pray in my mind that my good luck (in some things) does not ceases after me telling this to the world.This use to happen in mythological tales that if a person bestowed upon by a benign wish happened to share it with the people , the magic use to cease ...

OK , enough blabbering now to the point ..

On Saturday I planned for the movie Chak De India with my friend. The tickets were not available for the 10 am show in INOX (multiplex in B'lore) and only few were available for 12:30 show, I got this insider info :-)

But still we decided to try for 12:30 show , so it was decided I will do to INOX early and my friend will come there directly.

So I left my home early 9:30 am.

On the way I discovered a new Murphy's Law :

When you are in a desperate hurry to reach a place, your auto rickshaw will stop at every single (yes each and every) traffic light on the way.

So I reached theater at 10:05 am. The tickets were still available for 12:30 show but were showing fast filling ....
Queue was long but I got in other option ..

By the time I reached the counter the tickets were over, so now nothing left to do...

I told my friend about the tragedy and was waiting .... and then magic happened ...

Two boys approached me and asked me whether I want 2 tickets of Chak De India for 12:30 show, they were not black tickters, two boys who had cancelled their plan.
So I got 2 tickets of the movie for the show i was looking for ....
This thing happened to me before when I went to see Cheeni Kum with my friends , the tickets were over by the time we reached theater, then a guy approached me asking me whether I want 5 tickets for Cheeni Kum , so exactly same number of tickets for exactly the same show I was looking for .

So all things went fine. The movie was great, good to see SRK in a non-glamorous role.

That's it, that was how my Saturday flew.

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aadrat said... 20/8/07 12:17 AM  

Wow!!! I wish this could happen to me sometime.

Bipin 3~ Upadhyay said... 20/8/07 2:33 AM  

Mine is a simlar case.
Me and a friend of mine were planning for Die Hard 4.0. Another friend of mine got a call that that some of her friends had two extra tickts for Chak De. It was Sunday morning (10 am) show at PVR.

1. We woke up early an reached at 9:45.
2. The person who'd to give us the tickets realized that it wasn't a 10am show... it was 10pm.
3. My friend decided to try out at the couter.
4. Just as he reached the counter, I saw ChakDe turning red on one screen (indicating that tickets are over)... but still white on other (indicating availabilty).
5. The counter wala gives us two tickets and announces that Chak De is sold out :)

BTW, I really loved three things about the movie:
1. The director had the guts to make a movie on Hockey IN INDIA.
2. The director had the guts to make a movie on female Hockey IN INDIA. :)
3. The song, "Maula le le meri Jaan".

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