Little Miss Sunshine

Saw this movie two weeks back, and my rating 5 on 5. Well i went to purchase tickets for the movie "Just Married" for me and my friends and had 3 hours to spare, so went to see this movie and I'm glad i saw it. I'll tell you a funny incident inside the hall. When I took my seat, I saw pair of nice waxed legs in the front diagonal jutting out of shorts. I immediately leaned forward to have a better view, was thinking what a bold girl she is and wanted to see her face, then after 15-20 minutes when the person leaned forward, he was an adolescent boy, [darn, i forgot adolescents too have waxed legs], it could be due to insufficient light i was not able to distinguish properly [it could also be I haven't seen Nishabd, so is not very experienced]. So moral of the story: assumption is mother of all **** ups.

OK back to the movie, this is not a movie review, as i don't know a single actor's name or director's name. I could not find any bad points in the movie, so I'm listing only the good ones.

This is about a family whose members have their own problems[ serious ones] and still all of them stay together. This is one of those rare movies where there is no exceptional acting from the stars but the script is so good and firm it holds the entire film and sails you through it.
The family has a Grandpa, father,mother,mother's brother, daughter[Olive][she is really cute] and a son.

The traits are:
Grandpa : takes heroin and talks dirty
Father : designed a new 9 step "failing to refuse" course and is obsessed with the feeling of winning.
Mother : Just tries hard to keep everyone together
Son : wants to get into Air Force academy and has taken a vow of silence until he gets into it.
Mother's Brother : just arrived from hospital after he attempted a suicide and instructed not to be left alone.
Daughter [Olive] : She is a darling in the movie, very cute and going for "Little Miss Sunshine" beauty pageant.

The family goes to California for Olive to participate in the beauty pageant.

The story is about what all happens during their journey ( i wont reveal the plot), each member during the journey goes through a disaster and still manages to reach for the competition.
The plot is so good you never feel bored, humour is great and movie gets poignant at times.

Some scenes are really touching specially when little Olive cries in front of her Grandpa because she is worried of losing and knows how much her father hates losers. This shows the stress somethings can put on little children if not taken care of. Some sequences are hilarious like the way their van starts, the fuss over ice cream and my favourite is when Olive finally performs in the competition.

The crux is its more important to be a part of a family rather than being alone.

Go ahead and watch this movie, 2 thumbs up to it.

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Vaibhav said... 4/4/07 11:21 PM  
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Vaibhav said... 4/4/07 11:23 PM  

Ah nice Priyanshu, So lesson for next time, first see the girl and then see her legs :)

Alright, so we will watch this movie.

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