Thank You God

SO finally I thank GOD.

Ten month old trauma has finally ended. My refund amout has arrived from Air Sahara.

I must have called their CC at an avg rate of once per two weeks :
No. of calls = 1*[10(months)*4(weeks)/2] = 20 calls
no i think i called them many more times, mistake in maths :-)

Please dont cancel your tickets on Air Sahara, they'll do everything on earth to give u sleepless nights.
Oh GOD thanks for the refund :-)

Posted by :ubuntu at 5:30:00 AM  


Vaibhav said... 10/2/07 9:12 AM  

boss this is the case with more refund issue, not only with Air Sahara !! Railway is quite good in this case, even in e-ticket.

I wish! said... 13/2/07 1:09 AM  

oh..i never knew its causing you such a trauma all these days..Its almost 1 yr after that cancellation ..right??

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