Open Source Cola

This one is interesting.

What can u think of when it comes to open source : s/w which is free and comes with its source code.

Ok , think beyond.. anyother guesses?

Change your paradigm !!

Just came across a blog mentioning about open source cola, its called Open Cola.
Check out this :
Open Source Cola

Well so the open source revolution is here to affest your daily lives too :-)

Posted by :ubuntu at 1:46:00 AM  


Vaibhav said... 26/2/07 12:36 PM  

ya in the pdf they have mentioned some of the content mixtures. Seems cool, by the way nice search !

esirah said... 3/3/07 3:46 AM  

Ahh yes ... open cola ... it would be nice if some big company would take up the cause and sell it. I'd like to try it but I'm too lazy to make it lol.

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