Ever seen this ?

Look at this, and tell me when was the last time you saw something even close to this.
For more info on this, visit
All those on bench :-) can visit this too :

Posted by :ubuntu at 11:36:00 PM  


Vaibhav said... 26/12/06 6:21 AM  

Ya nice to see the photo and also the explaination of tht. Such photos are rare once :)

Jaya said... 26/12/06 7:56 AM  

colours fill everything that's available to be filled and that which can contain. I wish we could see more, and live more than we do.

Vaibhav said... 29/12/06 6:43 AM  

Happy New Year Dude ! I thought you will be more happy in this way :)

Wish the same to all of ur friends !

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