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Yesterday I got a chance to explore Vista OS in Microsoft shop in Infy.
DISCLAIMER : This is not a review of Vista, just my initial impressions.

First impressions - GUI is a real feast for the eyes (who haven't seen Linux distros and MAC-OS) , but still it is intutive and appealing, WIN+TAB feature is amazing,it renders 3-D previews of open windows, but this feature I have seen in an open source 3-D OS released some time back. Anyways it is great to fiddle with GUI. The best thing I liked in Vista are the games, they have included a 3-D chess game in Vista(to my pleasure) and few more games like Mahajong (borrowed from Fedora :-)). I was told the old games like sol and mines have been rewritten for Vista ...but i guess only GUI changed apart from few things like in mines , if u open a mine a chain reaction starts which bursts all the mines on board(time waste :-( to look at the whole series). Start-Pane is intutive and less cluttered.

Cool feature is the granular permission feature (borrowed from linux). When I clicked on installed programs icon, it asks for the permission to open it, similar is the case of installing s/w. Some useful features are when u select a desktop wallpaper it gets reflected immediately,no need to apply it, and also desktop has some useful apps like clock, notebook etc.

The search has really improved, its content sensitive, displays results as you type names. One more good feature is that in task manager they have seperated services and processes, there are diff. tabs for both so you can easily deal with both.
What else.. you get a new screen when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL, which again, sorry to say resembles much like Fedora CTRL+ALT+DEL screen (am I obsessed with linux??)

I cant tell abt networking,stability or performance features. It also had MS Office 2007, which is cool in terms of looks, more features with less clicks, good job there.

Thats all from my side, for more in depth reviews, search the web :-)

I'll end with a question i read in some competition on web - Come up with a new type of file manager for an operating system which does not manages files in a traditional way like folders, come up with a more realistic and intutive approach.
:-( Don't have brains for this one,alas i would hae been in Google.

But the best part is chess game (i'm loving it). Enjoy!!!

[Aye dil-e-nadan tujhe hua kya hai, is marz ki aakhir davaa kya hai]

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Jaya said... 13/12/06 1:03 AM  

Hello. I could understand some of what you write...Couldnt understand some. Probably you could explain it in plainer terms to us lesser mortals who haven't worked on linux ;-). See you in Bangalore soon.

Jaya said... 13/12/06 3:00 AM  

You will actually have to show me a Vista interface and also a linux interface and the functionality you are talking of. Probably if I see it working, I will understand it better :-)

Vaibhav said... 17/12/06 12:11 AM  

Come on man, you did a good job ! So, whats new for you if I give you a Linux System and a open source chess game(by the way this is copied from Mac) !

I want some more things from u in this blog :

1. what is the cost of vista ?
2. Hardware requirement ?
3. What it is providing unusual?

Because for carrying it ur infy desktop to ur home PC, u have to answer this questions!

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