Khaali baithein kya kare, karna hai kuch kaam

First things first.
Happy B’day to me !!!!

This is my first ever blog, I'm sitting almost idle since past three months and sitting completely idle since past two weeks (no, I’m not on bench), so I thought better to write a blog during this time (inspired by Abhishek). This involves a time frame from post march till date.
Let me first tell you few trivia- my blog URL 21bakerstreet is, as most of you would have guessed, address of Sherlock Holmes, during this period I read few e-stories of Holmes and I’m totally mesmerized by his deducing powers ( ok, credit goes to ACD). So I’m acknowledging the fact by making a URL like this.
Secondly my display name ubuntu, is an African word meaning “humanity to all” or “I am what I am because of who we all are”. It is a good thing to respect the society and be grateful to humanity, as JRD Tata said to Sudha Murthy when she was an employee under him “always pay back something to the society, you owe it something’s”, ubuntu is also a popular open source Linux OS (I’m a great fan of both, open source and Linux), hence the name.
Third thing, the word paronomasia in my blog title, while creating this blog I was searching for funky words, so I went to Webster’s and looked in word of the day section (July 6, 2006) and found this word meaning: a play on words, pun and found it apt to be used here (so I was lucky not to search a lot).
So what was this post all about, I forgot, oh yes it’s all about staying focused and getting distracted by other not-so-important things (got the joke).
It was march last week when we got the official news that are current project has got on hold and we all have come on bench, it was a sad news for us, as this was a very good project. Now we use to sit idle whole day, thanks to the account policies, internet use to work whole day and without any restriction, first week was exciting, I installed what not on the comp., played every game on, it was fun.
Another week passed like this, I saw almost every video under Google Video’s favorite category, and these are my best three:

I was quite happy with my life and then I started losing focus (ISLF). Now what to do, we got a mail from my PM, do some internal courses to hone your skills (we never thought of it before), so I registered myself in five six courses but I wasn’t able to clear one of them (it was a certification course), you know why , because ISLF, the exam was a bit late and didn’t feel like studying a lot for it , I took it lightly and I was googled by very first question of the test, I’m trying it this quarter also, lets hope for the best. By the way how boring is banking and finance domain, had to read a lot of domain related docs and it was painful.
I also read a wonderful article on toddler’s memory in SCIAM magazine which I thought of publishing a synopsis of, but Isfl.
In the meanwhile, I got hold of many e-books on the net and started building up a mini library of our own).
After this episode I thought of giving CAT this year as I was on bench, I surfed the net for the material, tips to prepare, read blogs and even bought a CAT stuff from a friend and asked a friend to deliver a book from Delhi, I started with math section, so far so good, but soon ISLF.
Then I was shifted to another project, I was glad for now was the time to show my PM what I learnt in past few weeks, but the day after I was allotted a project, I got a call that I’m being permanently transferred to Chennai along with several of my ex-project mates, it was a heart breaking news, my whole paradigm changed, I quickly recovered from the shock and talked to senior management about letting me show my worth here in Bangalore. Luckily transfer was stopped (amazingly none got transferred), so now I was here in a new project, first week was a matter of adaptability, here we were segregated from our main company network and no mailing and chatting sites not allowed, not even gaming sites. It was some what like a cultural shock; anyway, I recovered and was taken through three weeks of KT. Now I’m here and there is not much to do, I passed time by calculating the value of pi to 5000 decimal places using BBP formula and then generating a random series out of that, and comparing the goodness of series with a random series generated by a java PRNG, well I couldn’t conclude the results, but what I found was that in the value of pi, frequency distribution of digits is almost same (if this is helpful). But I soon gained focus, first time in this post, realized that CAT is too near to give (it was June) and instead decided to give SCJP, luckily I got e-books on the network.
Well till now, I haven’t slf and let’s hope all goes well.

So this may look like an essay to you but please bear with me, I’ll improve with time.

“Abhi abhi hua yakeen, ki aag hai muhjme kahin …”

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Abhishek said... 7/7/06 2:44 AM  

Hey Priyanshu,
Firstly a very happy birthday to you and welcome to blogger's park! Since you have been 'inspired' by me, just wanted to tell you to change the settings of your blog to allow any one to comment. Right now only Blogger members can comment!
Nice to know that you did so many things in past months and better still that you are honest enough to admit of ISLF (an advice: use all caps when using shortforms : ) ) Nice blog. Keep doing!

Khushboo said... 7/7/06 6:22 AM  

Hi Priyanshu :) Really a nice blog. As i was reading it i was feeling it's almost me who has written that because mine and ur case has some similarities. As abhishek has written please change ur settings of posting a comment.See i had to create an account just to post a comment for you :) well this is not the real reason, i too got inspired..good job done..hope to see some more!

Anonymous said... 12/8/06 10:02 PM  

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Anonymous said... 18/8/06 1:23 AM  

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