Degradation of education system

Today on, I read the news about selling of school seats by a famous private school of Delhi.

A middleman along with the school principal sold a seat for class 11th science stream to a student (this girl was with NDTV staff) for 2.5 lakh rupees even though admissions had closed two weeks back. The student was admitted even when she performed dismally in her interviews with the teachers. “So the whole thing is that ki bhaiya sabse bada rupiya”. Read the
full article

So now, schools also join the who-is-more-corrupt-of-all race, as if colleges were not giving them tough competition in this area.
Two weeks back when I was at home I heard a news on TV that new books for Hindi syllabus of class 6th, 8th and 9th by NCERT are having literature containing raunchy language. It also contained stories by a person “Avatar Singh Sindhu” (he is a secular poet). His stories contain references to certain SC/ST communities. He explicitly uses words denoting these communities whereas Supreme Court has banned the use of such words. More surprising was how the union minister Arjun Singh responded when asked about this in a press conference. He directly pointed the question to Director of NCERT who replied, “There is no censure board in our education system hence, this type of literature is printed”. Many have an opinion that there is a political angle in it.

This is the second time NCERT is in bad limelight (earlier for printing wrong facts in history books), but this is a more serious matter when class 6th students will read literature till now limited to only pocket Hindi novels.
At home, I was reading a book by famous Hindi satirist Sharad Joshi “Yatra Tatra Sarvatra”, it is such a nice book, so comically written and perfectly highlighting the social evils of the society, I was wondering why aren’t such books introduced in CBSE and ISC syllabuses. We have such a rich collection of Hindi literature, why aren’t novels by Premchand introduced in the syllabus, later a came to know ISC board has already introduced a novel by Premchand in senior secondary classes, and I really appreciate this move of ISC board.
After this quota issue, this is where India is heading, lets see where all this ends up.

Before closing, let me quote what UNESCO recommends about the education system of a country

“Education system of a country must be such that it reflects the social and heritage culture of country”.

So sit back and see how the education system evolves in India.

(I am not a regular listener of news, I have written what I recall from my memory, and some facts may not be up to date, sorry about that)

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Abhishek said... 31/7/06 7:16 AM  

Here is another gem. MP Government has decided that english poems (like 'twinkle twinkle little star' or 'humpty dumpty') reduce spirit of nationalism in children and hence from now onwards MP kids would read only Hindi poems.
We know that politicians are idiots but I think this is height of absurdity.

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