Perfect Positions

In photography, position and timing is everything they can make or break your shots ...

I found some interesting pics on digg illustrating this.

Enjoy your day.

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Mathexxxtics, any takers !!!

I recently come across a book review, title is interesting and I hope book is too

The book is titled Mathematics and Sex

A really weird name and more weird the subject connection, individually both subjects are fascinating :-), but never given a try to read them simultaneously. Let's see if I can get my hands on this one.

More googling churned following link: Google Books

I read few sample chapters here, and it is pretty interesting. It is about analysis of emotional patterns displayed by humans [ whatever that means].

So what are you waiting for , Dive In in the world of mathesextics.

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Technorati Profile

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My sweet friend has left Bangalore for good and moved ahead in life to tie the knot. She will now relocate to Chandigarh.

Here I say adieu to my dear friend as I rejoice 6 wonderful years spent with her.

The day she left Bangalore brought me bad luck , I lost my Zen music player, i guess she was lucky for me.

And this city has started sucking more than ever.

here i recollect a couplet from one of the ghazals of Jagjit Singh from Bhopal Express

तेरे साथ गयी सब रौनक ,
अब इस शहर में रखा क्या है ।

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