Life passes by

I have come back to my old template and will make it full of side links as before. WAIT. Give me time.

Life passes by as you sit by the window and stare to the outside world.

Haven't written any thing good here simply because i did not have a topic. Nor do I have now.

Life is simply passing by professional as well as personal. Nothing "happening" happening in life.
This weekend was a boring one except of Sunday evening when I was given a gift voucher of 3days/2 nights stay for six people for Lonavala/Kodaikanal.
Hoping this to be the best trip with my friends before we finally split in maybe 7-8 months more.
Memories are there forever to cherish, people are not.

Just remembered a couplet from Atal Vajpayee Ji's poem :

इन्सान ही ऐसा प्राणी है जो भीड़ में खुद को तन्हा और तन्हाई में खुद को भीड़ से घिरा पाता है

Happens with me lots of times but only the former part. I don't know why I suddenly go into a shell without any reason Sometimes wonder do i like to do so, have I started enjoying silence, I have always loved silence.

But then something strikes my mind, isn't life what you want you want it to be. If I go into my own world, its my choice, if I will make a earnest effort
to be cheerful, life will also be charming. But in spite of all this gyaan why it happens I still tend to retreat in a world of my own.

Still figuring out where life wants to take me.

And am I coming to my old habit of ISLF

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Jaya said... 12/6/07 12:26 PM  

Old habits die hard. Kill them(yet again), they rise. Bury them, they re-surface. To hell with them! Just dump them in the trash bin one fine morning while going to work and you'll be jolly fine(for a few weeks at least)! :-)

Vaibhav said... 16/6/07 11:27 AM  

ya thats the biggest pain, we know we have to, we can but still we are not. No worries lets settle down such things, idea will come and tell you to go ahead.

Khushboo said... 26/6/07 3:13 AM  

Hey I wwas playing with my template and lost the links of blogs I had.. So after a long time I'm coming back to ur blog..
Dost Its not only you, its with almost everyone that they create a shell for themselves for some point of time and feel that they are all alone in the world..but I would suggest you not to let that shell surround you for long..Its helps in being creative but it won't make you happy :)

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